Get Strategic with Social Learning

Get StrategicI am an organisational learning practitioner, currently working in Supply Chain at Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA). In October 2014 I spoke at the Learning@Work conference held in Sydney, Australia about the development of my social learning skills and how this was impacting the application of social learning in my business unit.

When I was approached to speak at this conference an organiser asked me to describe what I was doing that may be of interest to the audience. She then wrote a session description and gave it a title. Unusually, this was not sent to me for review before the conference brochure was published. I was surprised by the session title that she chose – “Sneaking In The Social.” Gosh, I thought I was experimenting and role modelling!

Reflecting on the title and preparing this presentation was a turning point – it was time to move from ‘sneaking’ to ‘enabling’. It was two months before the conference, and I wanted something useful to share. I decided to get strategic with social learning. CCA adopted the 702010 framework at least four years ago, however we had applied social learning in a limited fashion in the context of this framework. In April 2014 we added ‘continuous workplace learning’ as an explicit element of our Supply Chain Capability strategy which expanded the endorsed role of our Capability team beyond structured learning programs to supporting informal learning. In September 2014 we defined a specific social learning initiative to contribute to a high priority initiative in our business unit strategy. This was the point at which we moved from experimenting with social learning to enabling it.

In a series of upcoming posts I shall write about this initiative – developing a Community of Practice in Maintenance and Engineering.

For now please enjoy viewing the presentation below as well as some videos that Vanessa Wiltshire kindly published of segments of my presentation.

[slideshare id=43764822&doc=learningatworkmichelleockersfinal-150121204526-conversion-gate02&w=650&h=500]

Presentation of Slide 9 – My Social Learning Professional Development


Presentation of Slide 15 – Capability Strategy & Roadmap


Presentation of Slide 17 – Our SharePoint Sites


Presentation of Slide 20 – Maintenance & Engineering Community – Analysis Phase


  1. #1 by tanyalau on January 25, 2015 - 10:19 pm

    Thanks for this post Michelle – I was curious about your preso at this conference which I didn’t get to, so great to get some insight on what you covered here. Fave takeaway: managing change is “mostly about relationships and behaviours”. Great perspective and approach to ‘change management’.

  2. #2 by Michelle Ockers on February 8, 2015 - 9:12 pm

    Thanks for your feedback Tanya. On 17 Feb (2015) I will be presenting a slightly different perspective on our Working Out Loud experience in Supply Chain at Coca-Cola Amatil. It’s a 15 minute case study (so will be punchy) at the end of Simin Terry’s opening keynote on Working Out Loud. Shall share this on my blog too.

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