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WayOfLife PKMIn January I participated in a #PKMChat Twitter chat on Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) Routines.  After the chat I considered my mixed progress against the goals I had set 9 months previously, and observed that I didn’t have a routine.  This prompted me to document me a weekly routine incorporating some of the tips from the chat.  I tracked my habits using the Way Of Life app to gather data so I could refine my routine.

After two weeks of data gathering I also reviewed my professional network and set goals for the coming year which will help me to purposefully and consciously develop my network.  I realised that in the past year most of my network development had occurred as a result of my online PKM activities.   However, there are other activities required to achieve my networking goals.

I updated my weekly routine to incorporate both PKM and focussed Networking activities.  You can review the complete routine at this link.  While it looks like a heavy investment of time every week 5 hours is time I am sitting on public transport and many of my daytime activities are integrated with my work.  This reduces the ‘extra’ time that I am investing in sense-making, content development and network maintenance – activities which I find require longer, quiet periods of concentration.

Weekly Activities

Key activities I’ve incorporated on a weekly basis (and updated in Way of Life) include:

– Twitter – favouriting, replying, posting, sharing links and resources

– Twitter Chats – attend 1-2 per week; review others – specific chats included in routine (here is link to a Twitter Chat directory)

– Reading & bookmarking (using diigo)- blogs & google alerts (via Feedly), Twitter favourites

– Enterprise Social Network (ESN) – liking, replying, posting, sharing links and resources, blogging

– LinkedIn – reading posts, contacting/contributing to others, finding new connections

– Sense-making & sharing – reflecting, writing, visual content & developing presentations (key tools – Evernote, WordPress blog, Storify, mind maps, Sketchnotes (maybe – will start learning this in April), Powerpoint, Slideshare)

– Completing courses – mostly online

– Face to face networking – both inside & outside my own organisation

– Relationship list upkeep – this is a list of people I am interacting with to support achievement of an important goal and the contributions I am making to them (it’s an approach I’ve picked up from John Stepper’s Working Out Loud book)

– Network maintenance & development – review some of my connections and their networks, update connections, interact with new connections, analyse engagement with content I’ve shared

Quarterly Activities

Each quarter I shall review progress against my PKM & Networking goals, and analyse my network.  This will be an iterative activity which shall build upon my weekly networking maintenance and allow me to fine tune my routines and specific focus areas.

Your Activities & Routines?

Are there other PKM or networking activities that you perform regularly?  Please share by replying to this post.

  1. #1 by kmensor on February 10, 2015 - 4:52 pm

    Thanks for sharing this Michele. I love seeing what others are doing and it helps me tweak my own which I feel like is constantly changing as I learn new things. My biggest challenge is time management. I tend to get sucked in and lose focus ; )

  2. #2 by Neil Von Heupt on June 15, 2017 - 7:30 am

    I think it’s the musician in me, but I tend to have more of a syncopated rhythm than a routine. Many of the tools and processes that you’ve listed are ones that I use, but I don’t do them on a set timeframe rather, moving between them as my work, available time, tiredness levels, interest and mood lead me. It’s a bit of an intuitive process, but over an extended time there are rhythms to it, with some that get returned to regularly and others only occasionally. I do write an annual plan (and yes, old school I write/sketchnote it). That’s for me the most helpful thing I do.

    • #3 by Michelle Ockers on June 20, 2017 - 2:21 pm

      It’s interesting that you observe rhythms over an extended time Neil. The value of the annual plan is also interesting – I think something like an annual plan helps provide direction for when time is available for PKM and networking activities.

      At the time I wrote this post I was in full-time employment and had a very useful block of daily time during my public transport commute for PKM and online networking activities. Since returning to working for myself last October my routine is a thing of the past. I really miss it and am yet to figure out a new routine or rhythm that works for me in my new work / life context. Here’s a working out loud opportunity for me.

  3. #4 by Bruno Winck on June 20, 2017 - 5:28 pm


    I recommend an excellent Twitter chat directory, always up-to-date at . It’s maintained by Bruno Winck, host of #PKMChat. A cool feature is that it displays chat times in local time. A critical feature is you want to place them in routines and if you don’t live in the same timezone (or hemisphere).


    • #5 by Michelle Ockers on June 21, 2017 - 3:15 am

      Well-shared Bruno = thanks for a great resource.

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