Weekly Review and Planning Process

Over the past two years I’ve refined the processes I use for personal planning.  I have a personalised integrated system I use to set and maintain progress towards goals, manage emails, calendar, tasks and my budget.  While it’s not fully integrated from a software / tool perspective, it contains a set of inter-related activities supported by a small number of tools.  To effectively use my system requires that I follow cyclical routines I’ve developed – annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily.  Some people find routines constraining and restrictive.  I’m the opposite – if I have some good basic routines in place I feel more at ease, productive and energetic.  I find routines liberating in that they free my headspace, time and energy to get on with high value projects and activities, plus time to learn and explore.

I’ll post gradually about different aspects of my personal planning system via these daily dispatches.  Today’s post is about my weekly review and planning process.  Watch the video* below for an overview of this process and discussion of some of my weekly review questions.

Links to my weekly review templates (these will be current versions on whatever day you access them):

Weekly review checklist

Weekly review questions

Tools I use during my weekly review:

  • Evernote – for my checklists and reflection notes
  • Mail app on my Mac – with my personal and work gmail accounts synchronised
  • Mac Calendar app with Gmail calendars synchronised across all my devices
  • 2Do (for task management) – synchronised across my Mac, iPhone and iPad
  • Way of Life app – on my iPhone – to track my daily and weekly routines
  • HomeBudget and Excel – for budget management

* A note on the video – it was made in Snapchat which I use to keep a daily visual log / journal for myself.  It is public so you can view my daily Snapstory is you follow me on Snapchat (my username is michelleockers6).  At this point my Snapstory is primarily for myself rather than for an audience.  However, it’s always nice when someone does view some of my ramblings and sends me a comment – so feel free to connect on Snapchat.

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    Great ideas Michelle, particularly like the question about discomfort.

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