Using Google Alerts to Stay Up to Date #futurereadylearning

If you do an internet search your search results will include resources that have been published up to that point in time.  If you would like to stay up to date with a topic or industry tends you can set up Google Alerts to efficiently monitor the internet for new content being published.

Here is some guidance on  how to set up and use Google Alerts for research.

Once an alert is set up Google will automatically repeat a search that you have defined on a recurring schedule and email you the results.  If you are concerned about emails alerts piling up in email inbox you can set up your alerts in Feedly,* which is a content aggregation tool / reader by following these instructions.

Although the mechanism to set up alerts and direct them into Feedly has changed in the past few years, here’s an example of why and how I did this back in late 2014.

To get the most relevant results from your Alerts be sure to improve you Google search skills.

* A separate post on using Feedly is coming as part of the #futurereadylearning series.

This post is part of a series by Michelle Ockers outlining different ways of taking charge of your own learning.  It was developed following delivery of a keynote on the topic ‘Future Ready Learning’ to provide resources for participants to explore approaches covered briefly in the keynote.  Michelle can be contacted regarding keynote speaking on this theme at 

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