Recognising a Little Achievement

I’m doing a 30 day reflection challenge (#reflectchall) with two friends / industry colleagues.  We’ve agreed to post a public reflection on something from our work or lives every day in November.  I’m committed to the goal as I  see tremendous value in pausing and consciously thinking about my actions, feelings and experiences in order to learn from them.  However, I’m a serial ‘over-committer,’ so I’m going to be kind to myself during this challenge.  If it’s late in the day and I haven’t posted but am weary I won’t push myself beyond exhaustion.  I will simply miss the post and start afresh the next day.

I was going to write that I didn’t post a reflection yesterday.  However, I’ve just realised that this isn’t true.  I vlogged, as I do most days.  I’m currently vlogging using Instagram stories, which I download every day.  Yesterday I did an activity as part of a new course I am testing.  I recalled posting to my Instagram story about an activity that I found challenging.  I watched yesterday’s story and got to the part where I spoke about the challenge.  Then it hit me – I had actually publicly reflected in my vlog.  It was a brief reflection, and warrants further contemplation.  However, it counts.

My insight today is that I sometimes fail to recognise my little achievements.  A series of small achievements lead to a big achievement.  Yes, part of the reason I joined the reflection challenge is to push myself a little (after all, there’s a reason it’s called a challenge).  However, it’s not cheating to leverage an existing habit and include it in the challenge.  My act of kindness to myself today is to share yesterday’s story (below) and point to the segment at 1:36 where I reflect on my challenge.


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