Learning and Development Benchmarking with Towards Maturity – Australasian Insights

I’ve just registered for the ‘Unlocking Potential in Australasia’ webinar hosted by Australian Institue of Training and Development on 23 October 2017. This session is effectively the launch of Toward’s Maturity’s first Learning & Development (L&D) benchmarking report focused on the Australasian region. Laura Overton from Towards Maturity will explore what the research using their global benchmarking database tells us about how the practices of Learning and Development teams in Australasia compare with top performers across the globe.

I recently wrote an article about how Qantas has used the Towards Maturity benchmark as part of an organisation-wide review of L&D.  I’ve been working with Qantas over the past year on a transformation program. To help identify strengths and opportunities across the many L&D teams at Qantas we had eight teams complete the benchmark.  Towards Maturity then analysed their input and compared results and practices with selected regional and industry sectors. This helped Qantas to identify opportunities and learn both from others across the organisation, as well as from those in relevant sectors outside of the organisation. This is now being used to help inform both strategic and tactical actions to improve the impact of L&D. The article highlighted lessons extracted from the benchmarking in three specific areas:

1. Technology-enabled learning
2. L&D capability
3. Learner context

You can read the full article on the Towards Matuirty website:

What have Qantas learnt from the TM Benchmark?

I’m looking forward to seeing the new report on how we compare in the Australasian region versus our L&D colleagues around the globe. If you haven’t already registered for the webinar, go ahead and register here.


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