Untapped Potential in Learning and Development

Untapped potential in Learning and Development (L&D) is a lost opportunity in most organisations.  L&D Leaders have high aspirations to demonstrate their value and contribute to results that really matter in their organisation – such as satisfied customers, safety, productivity, innovation and engaged employees. However, it can be challenging to achieve these aspirations.

My services help you to achieve your aspiration to build a high impact Learning and Development function.

How I Can Help

High Impact Learning and Development Mentoring Program

This four-month mentoring program will guide you through a review and update of your organisational learning strategy, tactics and L&D capability.

Suitable for both experienced and newer L&D Leaders.

On-Call Mentoring and Professional Support

On-call mentoring and professional support services are also available - for more information email

'Form Order Taker to Performance Partner' Program

From Order Taker to Performance Partner Workshop - currently being offered as a public workshop in conjunction with Arun Pradhan.  Can also be run as an in-house program. 

We are considering developing an online version and welcome expressions of interest.  If you'd like to know more or express your interest in an online version email

What You May Be Feeling and Thinking

Working with me will help address the issues underlying feelings and thoughts like this, and to get moving with having a higher impact on things that really matter in your organisation.

Which L&D Mode are You Operating in?

Would you like to move up the ladder and spend more time operating as a Learning Enabler and Performance Partner?  I can support you to do this using any of the services listed above.  I'm open to discussing your specific situation and any ideas you may have for other ways in which I may be able to support you.

You may also like to read more about moving up the ladder by downloading my White Paper on 'Building a High Impact L&D Function.'