Michelle Ockers helps transform learning in your organisation.

She helps you achieve your aspirations for learning

so your work has a bigger impact and 

your organisation adapts and thrivein our rapidly changing world.


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Building Capability for Learning Teams

Capability Discovery

Learning leaders - Complete an online review of your team's skills and have a 30 minute discussion to explore the capability required by a modern learning team.  

Gain insight into how you can improve the readiness of your team to impact your organisation.

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Capability Footprint

To build the future capability of your learning team you first need to understand your current state.

The Capability Footprint is a guided team self-assessment and analysis to identify your current strengths and development needs.  

Michelle will kick off the assessment process with you and facilitate an analysis session to help identify and prioritise actions.

Capability Roadmap

Create a roadmap to build the future capability required in your learning team.

Definite the target skill set required to implement your organisational learning strategy.  Assess and compare your current skills.

Michelle will work with you to define target skills, support your assessment process, and analyse with you to identify priorities and plan action.  

Includes a one-day team development planning workshop.

To learn more about the Capability Footprint or Roadmap, email today.


The Footprint and Roadmap use the Learning and Performance Institute's (LPI) Capability Map - essential skills for a modern learning team.  Michelle led the 2018 Capability Map refresh and is an LPI partner.

Learning Strategy for Organisations

Evidence Informed Strategy

    • Michelle can help accelearate learning transformation using Towards Maturity's intelligence services. 
  • Strategic Intelligence - Use the Learning Health Check to generate actionable insights and underpin your learning strategy.   
  • Learner Intelligence - Identify and build a learning culture.  A facilitated study guides your employees to reflect on their learning and provides you with insight to enhance continuous learning.

L&D Operating Model

Set yourself up to successfully implement and sustain your strategy with a coherent operating model.

Using her L&D Operating Model Canvas © Michelle works with you to review your current model, design a customised model to meet your needs, and create a practical implementation plan. 


Other Strategy Services

Customise a package for support with specific aspects of your learning strategy.  Draw on Michelle's expertise in:

  • learning transformation
  • learning culture
  • learning strategy
  • learning team capability
  • social and collaborative learning


To discuss how Michelle can help transform learning strategy email today.

Future-Ready Development For Individuals

Future-Ready Development Plan

75 minute mentoring session supported with workbook and templates to create a development plan that will help you

  • Improve your work now and prepare for your future
  • Accelerate your development with approaches fit for our networked, digital era
  • Build sustainable learning practices & habits

More information and how to book.


Individual Mentoring

Accelerate your development as a strategic learning professional with mentoring by Michelle.

One hour sessions with additional resources and network introductions customised to your needs.  Book a package of 3 sessions to be used within 12 months - total of $570 for the package.  

Book your first session now and an invoice will be sent.



Future-Ready Learning Community

An exciting new community for learning professionals keen to stay abreast of developments in their field with contemporary forward-thinking peers.  Connect via a members online forum and join a monthly online 'coffee club' discussion hosted on Zoom by Michelle.  This is just the beginning.  Join now and help this community grow.

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Which L&D Mode are You Operating in?

Would you like to move up the ladder and spend more time operating as a Learning Enabler and Performance Partner?  I can support you to do this using any of the services listed above.  I'm open to discussing your specific situation and any ideas you may have for other ways in which I may be able to support you.

You may also like to read more about moving up the ladder by downloading my White Paper on 'Building a High Impact L&D Function.'