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I Travelled to Get Unstuck

From January to August this year I lived on the road with my 13 year old daughter.  We travelled around the east coast of Australia, as far south-west as Discovery Bay in Victoria and as far north as Port Douglas in Queensland.  I drove around 12,000km as we moved from one Airbnb to another, or stayed with friends.

Our trip ended a month ago and we’re settling into our new city – Brisbane.

I’m currently writing my September newsletter, and want to reflect on what I’ve learned about my work in the introduction.  I was having trouble getting started writing this piece yesterday so turned to ‘travel quotes’ on Pinterest for inspiration.  Thanks to the Bohemian Bowmans blog I came across a quote that perfectly captured why I travelled.


While my imagination and capacity for enthusiasm hadn’t completely eroded, this quote got me started with my opening paragraph:

I embarked on an extended road trip because I felt stuck. I lived in a busy, expensive city. I worked hard on consulting projects to pay the rent.  I rarely socialised.  I was struggling to support my child contend with an alienating school environment.  I felt my choices, freedom and vitality being stripped away from me.  I travelled to get unstuck.

You’ll have to wait for (or sign up for) my newsletter for the rest of the article.

Spoiler alert – yes, I did get unstuck.  The extended period on the road has opened up new ways of working and new opportunities.  I’m currently in that ‘in-between’ stage, the ‘unfrozen’ stage, where I’m exploring possibilities and alternatives for how I want to work and reshaping my business model.  My mindset is open and expansive, and I’m excited about the options I’m exploring.  (More on this in upcoming Daily Dispatches.)

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The Thrill of the New Notebook

In 2017 I worked with a person who made beautiful hand-written notes of meetings and conversations.  She used an A4 notebook with unlined pages.  Her lovely handwriting flowed over the page, brought to life with symbols and clever little illustrations and symbols.  Once I noticed that she had almost filled a notebook and had a fresh one sitting on her desk, ready to start.  I asked her whether she would leave some pages empty in her current notebook so she could use the new one sooner.  “I’m resisting the new book … but probably not.” she replied.  We spoke about the delight of opening an empty notebook, the delightful anticipation of using it, imagining the conversations you might record, and how you would make your note-taking better than your last book.  The potential represented by a new notebook is thrilling.

I had a similar sensation yesterday when I walked into my apartment.  It was empty.  Pristine white walls.  Freshly cleaned carpets without any imprints from furniture resting on it.  Ready for my daughter and I to create our new home after 214 days on the road.  We have a few pieces of furniture to come out of storage, limited kitchen equipment and no decor.  A rare opportunity to create a space from scratch.

I am relishing the potential for creation.  I want to linger a little in this phase – imagining what might be, creating a vision and direction to guide choices about what I bring into the home and how I set it up.

I often feel this little rush, this thrill of what might be, at the start of a project or creative process.  This includes in my professional life where I create things like mentoring programs, workshops, learning strategies, online communities, newsletters, articles or presentations.   It’s enjoyable to bring the vision to life too, especially when the output or outcome is even better than you imagined.  However, I find a deep thrill in the early stages when possibilities are wide open and you get to design (or co-design) and plan something new.

Is this sensation familiar to you?


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