In September 2014 we decided to get strategic with social learning in Coca-Cola Amatil’s Supply Chain and establish a Community of Practice for our Maintenance and Engineering team members across Australia and New Zealand.  Helen Blunden of Activate Learning was engaged to help with this initiative.  Helen and I are Working Out Loud about the development of this Community.

This post provides links to all our posts which collectively form a case study that we’ve developed as we worked.  I’ve arranged them in a  logical sequence for you to read if you wanted to follow the case study in rough order in which things happened (although there is a lot iteration).  I’ll keep adding to it as we post more on this case.

  1.  Context – Michelle’s post about the background to the decision to get strategic with social learning and establish the Community of Practice
  2. Strategy and Analysis Phase– Helen’s post about how the need was analysed and strategy for the Community of Practice developed
  3. Work, Connect and Learn Program– Helen’s post about the guided social learning program we decided to develop to help community members learn skills and behaviours required to participate in online community activities
  4. Development of the Work, Connect and Learn Program– Helen’s post about how the program was developed
  5. The online community hub– Michelle’s guided tour of the community infrastructure set up using standard SharePoint 2013 functionality, integrated with Microsoft Lync and OneNote
  6. Change Management approach – Michelle’s post (to be written) about the approach taken to change management before Community launch
  7. Evaluation strategy– Michelle’s post about the business objectives and evaluation strategy for the Community
  8. Reflections on Module 0 of Work Connect and Learn– Helen’s video log reflection before and after delivering webinars for Module 0 Learn How to Learn Online
  9. Reflections of the Work Connect and Learn program– Helen’s post about lessons she learned during delivery of the Work Connect and Learn program
  10.  Work Connect and Learn Q&A– Michelle’s post providing answers to questions about the program following a webinar presented for the 702010 Forum.
  11.  Community of Practice Progress Review– Michelle’s post reviewing Community maturity six months after first launch.


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