International Working Out Loud Week (#WOLWeek) is 7-13 November 2016. I’m using it as an opportunity to promote Working Out Loud (WOL) and give my own practices a boost by following the 7 days worth of actions to get you started working out loud


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I’m now into Week 9 of my current Working Out Loud (WOL) Circle.  Today I celebrate the help I have received from the three people in my Circle as I’ve worked towards my goal to “to clearly explain the impact of knowledge and expertise on Australian organisations.”   Among the contributions my Circle buddies have made are:

  • suggesting how I could find people relevant to my goal
  • offering a different perspective on reading recommended in each week’s Circle guide, giving me the opportunity to strengthen my WOL practices – even though I’ve read these articles several times in previous Circles, new insights and examples continue to arise in Circle discussions
  • providing a safe space to reflect on my progress each week, discuss my WOL challenges, and helping me to identify adjustments to get me back on track with my WOL habits and routines
  • encouraging me to keep going when I was tired or busy (or both!)
  • inspiring me with their own progress
  • showing me different ways that Working Out Loud can be accomplished, reminding me that there is no one best way and to stay flexible and open in my practices
  • giving me a sense of responsibility as the WOL Circle coordinator to set a good example
  • holding me accountable to do what I say I will each week

This is the fourth WOL Circle I have participated in.  It will not be my last.  It’s a joy to share the experience of Working Out Loud with others, to see them make progress and experience the impact of generosity on relationships and the value of working in a network.  The peer accountability and structure of activities over the 12-week period also move me consistently towards a goal, helping me to achieve far more than I ever could without support.

Have you been in a WOL Circle?

If you have been in a WOL Circle please take a moment to share below about the contribution that your Circle buddies made to you.

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