Peer support and accountability is a great mechanism for working towards a goal or developing a habit.  I was introduced to the 30 Day Challenge format by Shannon Tipton of the Learning Rebels when she ran a 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge in mid 2016.  I enjoyed producing a video (almost) every day for 30 days ‘exposing thoughts that were sleeping in the back of my brain.’

Recently I’ve been reading books that explore creativity and the things that get in the way of us being creative.*  This has led me to examine the things that get in the way of me doing more creating.  In my case writing, including blogging, and video production are my preferred forms of creativity.  I’m ready to smash through the excuses and form a daily habit.  If you really want to create more (in whatever form this takes for you), the key is to make it a priority, set aside time, and do it.  Trust that with regular time and volume the quality of work and enjoyment will come.

So, the 30 Day Creativity Challenge is starting on Monday 9 October 2017.  Anyone can join in from anywhere in the world.  This is an action-oriented challenge.  To participate you simply do something creative every day and either post what you created (or a photograph or video of it) online, or post about what you did.  Share your post on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #30dcreativity in your post so others who are participating see it and can comment and cheer you on.

You get to decide what it is you will create, and there are no boundaries on what constitutes a suitable creative activity or product.  It could be writing, photography, video, cooking, gardening, a new way of doing something, a piece of software code or a bot, a song ….  endless possibilities.  You can create something different every day, or do the same / similar activity throughout the challenge.  Make it work for you.

If you miss the start date of 9 October, just join in whenever you can.

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