Last week I posted about a review of learning technologies that I am doing for a large corporate organisation. At that time I was developing requirements and scope for the review, which aims to develop a high level three year plan for learning design and delivery technologies.  I’ve now finalised a list of requirements for the review.

The purpose of these requirements is to guide:

  • selection of technologies to include in review, and
  • evaluation of feasibility and benefits of technologies.

I drafted the requirements by reviewing outputs of workshops held a couple of months ago that focussed on (a) internal customers of Learning and Development (L&D), and (b) current and future learning solution approaches.  From these a set of requirements could be derived that would meet current and future customer needs, and also enable preferred approaches to learning solution delivery into the future.  These draft requirements were reviewed in a short workshop with people from Information Technology and a small group of L&D Leaders.

The final set of requirements is listed below, noting that for each item on the list a short (1-2 sentence) statement was written to describe the requirement.  In the workshop we recognised that the requirements list could be used as an ongoing set of requirements when new technologies or tools were being considered in the future.

  1. Compliance
  2. LMS interface
  3. Governance
  4. Efficacy
  5. Cost-effective
  6. Timely
  7. Sustainable
  8. Scaleable
  9. Adaptable
  10. Flexible
  11. Solution standardisation
  12. Technology configuration
  13. Content re-use
  14. Rebranding
  15. Bite-sized and modular
  16. Realistic environment
  17. Engaging
  18. End User experience
  19. Efficient administration
  20. Vendor support
  21. Obsolescence
  22. Development pathways
  23. Five moments of need
  24. Workplace learning
  25. Performance support
  26. Change communication
  27. Navigation
  28. Collaboration
  29. Social learning
  30. External sources
  31. Self-directed learning
  32. Professional development
  33. Accessible
  34. 3rd party access
  35. All-site access
  36. Chokepoints
  37. Inclusivity
  38. Network performance
  39. Security protocols
  40. IT enterprise principles
  41. Multi-timezone support
  42. Availability
  43. Offline functionality

I’m interested to hear if anyone else picks up this list and uses it  in their organisations, and also if there are additions you would suggest.

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