As part of the Learning Technologies review that I’m undertaking for a large corporate I’m compiling a toolkit for use by learning design and development team.  To identify the type / category of tools to include in the kit and examples of specific tools that could be used I’ve used the following sources:

  • Tools already in use in the decentralised Learning and Development teams across the organisation
  • Top 200 Tools for Learning 2017 published by Jane Hart at the Centre for Modern Workplace Learning
  • Recommendations from people in my network

The list I’ve compiled for further research is below.  This list is reasonably long and some of the tool types would not be required by all organisations.  This depends on the delivery methods and type of content that the organisation wants to use .  Other factors in the organisational context may create specific needs e.g. examination management to met regulatory requirements in aviation.  However, the list should provide a reasonable starting point against the generic needs of a corporate learning design and development team.

What do you think of this list?  What would you change on this list?  Is there a type of tool or a specific tool that you suggest be added to the list?


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