I’m attending Learning Technologies Asia conference in Singapore 7-8 November 2017.  Part of mypreparation for any conference is to set goals and make  some lists to help me get the most out of the conference.

This is my first conference in Asia, and I will be speaking as well as chairing two sessions. These factors open up some additional opportunities for me at #LT17Asia to meet and learn from people I would not normally be in contact with, as well as deepening existing relationships. When I prepared my lists I noticed that my goals and opportunities are influenced by my recent work, especially the Learning Technologies Review I conducted for a client, as well as projects I’d like to tackle in my own business.


  • Deepen my knowledge of learning technologies, building on the recent Learning Technologies Review I completed for a client
  • Get ideas for content curation strategy for my business
  • Discover new case studies and examples of good practice
  • Find something helpful to share with each client I have worked with in 2017
  • Share session notes via Twitter backchannel and my blog
  • Make a video about the conference
  • Trial conference action plan template from Arun Pradhan’s Learn2Learn app


  • Build my network in Asian region
  • Connect effectively with 20 new people on LinkedIn
  • Get to know other speakers, especially panellists
  • Learn about being a digital nomad from Ant Pugh
  • Discover something new about other attendees that I already know
  • Informally mentor someone who is attending from a client organisation


  • Be of service as chair for Helen Blunden’s session on curation and host of panel discussion on enterprise learning
  • Provide participants in my Working Out Loud (WOL) session with a clear understanding of the benefits of WOL, practical examples of what it looks like and approaches to getting started with WOL in their organisations. Help them to identify at least 3 specific actiins they will take on WOL after the session
  • Attend sessions I’ve selected, make great notes and share them via Twitter and blog


  • Talk to any VR and AR exhibitors about learning solutions they’ve developed
  • Find out which exhibitors are using xAPI and how
  • Find platforms that use adaptive learning and understand the underlying mechanics
  • Enter all competitions and pick up giveaways for my daughter

Oh, I also want to swim in the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands, and eat chilli crab.

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