A good story engages people emotionally, and is a great way to inspire and influence people.  As Connie Malamed, one of my favourite Learning and Development authors, outlined back in 2011, stories can make learning more effective.  In the domain of workplace learning, it’s not only learning experience designers and facilitators who could benefit from improving their storytelling skills.  As we adopt more socially connected approaches to workplace learning the ability for people to tell stories effectively will enhance the sharing of knowledge and experience in networks.

image55Anecdotally Speaking is a new podcast that will help you to improve your storytelling in business settings.  In this podcast Shawn Callahan and Mark Schenk from Anecdote share great stories that you can tell and, even more importantly, why they work and when to tell them.  Shawn and Mark founded Anecdote in 2004 and have been focussed on helping learners to develop the skills to share stories ever since.

After listening to the first three podcasts I’m confident to recommend it as a ‘must listen’ resource for not only leaders, but anyone involved in learning or seeking to influence others through storytelling.

Shawn and Mark are excellent storytelling role models.  In each episode one of the them tells a story, then they discuss why the features of the story or the way it was told that make it effective.  They also suggest contexts in which the story could be used.  Even if you choose not to use the specific stories that they share, their discussion provides guidance as to what to look for in a good story and will help you to craft and tell your own.  They make their points clearly and concisely, with a little humour.

I enjoy the conversational tone of the podcast and the (mild) Aussie accents – at least they sound mild to me as a fellow Aussie.  At approximately 15 minutes per episode this podcast is a convenient length, and will readily hold your attention.

Listening to this podcast is a great, free way to improve your storytelling skills and repertoire,


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