Most of us use Google to get a quick answer to a question or problem, or to find online resources and help.  Few people are aware of some of the tips and tricks they can use to get the most relevant search results.

Refer to the following for tips and shortcuts to improve your Google skills:

Next time you need to do an internet search refer to these resources and try out one of the tips.

You can also use Google Alerts to efficiently stay up to date with a topic or field you are interested in.

If you have any more suggestions or resources to help people improve their skills using Google please leave a comment and/or link below.


This post is part of a series by Michelle Ockers outlining different ways of taking charge of your own learning.  It was developed following delivery of a keynote on the topic ‘Future Ready Learning’ to provide resources for participants to explore approaches covered briefly in the keynote.  Michelle can be contacted regarding keynote speaking on this theme at 

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