What I learned Sept 2018


Liminality is derived from the Latin word ‘liminal’ which means ‘threshold.’  It originated in anthropology as a term for the middle phase in a rite of passage.  In this phase a person is passing from one state to another.  It is a time of transition.

In early September I heard the term used in an episode of the Don’t Stop Us Now podcast.  It struck me that I am currently in a liminal phase.  I’m enjoying the malleability and creativity of this phase. September was my first full month living in Brisbane after travelling for seven months.  I’m exploring options for what form my work will now take.  I see benefit in holding myself in this phase for a bit longer and not rushing to lock in my ‘new life.’

As I played with the idea of liminality during the month I recalled at least two organisational change management approaches that focus on this ‘middle phase.’  The first is described in the book Managing Transitions by William Bridges.  The second is Kurt Lewin’s 3-stage change model.

High Value Communities in the NHS

Julian Stodd researched on high value communities in the National Health Service, UK.  He discussed his findings with Jo Cook on The Training Journal podcast.  I share some thoughts on implications of these findings for enabling Communities of Practice. My Daily Dispatch about the use of shadow technology also relates to Julian’s research.

Putting Screws Into Plasterboard

A highly practical skill that has saved me hundreds of dollars on handyman services.  (Should that be ‘handyperson’?  Doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

Your Turn

What about you?  What is something you’ve learned recently?  How have you been learning?  What group activities do you build learning into or see it as an incidental outcome?

What could you share with others?  (Nudge for all the leaders reading this – sharing your learning with your team is a great way to role model and encourage continuous learning.)

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