My Daily Dispatch page is inspired by two people who have independently written books called ‘Show Your Work’ - Austin Kleon and Jane Bozarth. Kleon suggests that people share something small every day. He calls this a daily dispatch: “Once a day, after you’ve done your day’s work, go back to your documentation and find one little piece of your process that you can share.” I’ve chosen to do this here on my website. It’s a way of collecting, organising and expanding on the flow of my work and learning. It’s a place to share ideas and stuff I care about. It’s a way to give others more insight to my work and interact with it and me.


I have a new website being setup in May.  Yesterday I was reviewing posts on my current business site to decide which ones to move to the new site. A dilemma I’ve struck before reared it’s head again.  I’m uncertain where to put my daily dispatches (aka Working Out Loud) posts.  I’m concerned about putting them on my main blog page as they will potentially detract from the stronger opinion pieces and calls to action related to my services.  However, WOL posts do contribute to the change I want to make through my business – about enabling more fluid, agile, high impact learning.

As I reviewed past WOL posts yesterday I realised it has given me a lot of pleasure to create and revisit them.  I thought I could use my personal website for them instead.  In the morning I posted that I was going to Live Out Loud on my personal website … and that felt like the right thing to do for several hours.

I went about my day, then returned to reviewing WOL posts on my current business website in the evening.  I had to decide for each post whether it would move to my new business website or be archived.  I couldn’t bear the thought of any of it disappearing into the ether forever.  At the very least I wanted it archived – to know I could access and reuse it if I wanted.  It was really hard to figure out what to do with each post.

It hit me that I had tried this once before.  In late 2017 I moved my WOL posts to a separate website.  Then I moved them back again.  The key reason I moved them back to my business site was authenticity and integrity.  In part the strength and value of my work is related to me visibly practicing what I advocate, for all to see regardless of my relationship or potential relationship with them.

Earlier this year I engaged a marketing strategy and support agency, Unusual Comms, to help me.  They reviewed my website.  Their comment on my Daily Dispatches page was;

  • It’s unclear the specific purpose this page serves – especially as there is no overview.
  • The posts read like informal blogs, so it’s not clear why they need a separate page to your blogs.
  • If you’re planning to keep up the daily dispatches then I would make clear through an overview what these are so it’s clear to visitors why they aren’t included in your blogs. Or alternatively these could be included on your blog page.

I’ve decided to go with the last piece of advice.  I’ll keep the page and provide an overview.

However, I also like the idea of using my personal site again.  I created a flowchart to help me make consistent decisions about what goes where.  I’ve just applied it to figure out that this post belongs on my Daily Dispatches page.

Note to self – Keep this flowchart stuck to the wall in front of my desk.  While not locking myself in to this as a ‘forever’ strategy, stop thinking about it for the foreseeable future and just get on with it.

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