My Daily Dispatch page is inspired by two people who have independently written books called ‘Show Your Work’ - Austin Kleon and Jane Bozarth. Kleon suggests that people share something small every day. He calls this a daily dispatch: “Once a day, after you’ve done your day’s work, go back to your documentation and find one little piece of your process that you can share.” I’ve chosen to do this here on my website. It’s a way of collecting, organising and expanding on the flow of my work and learning. It’s a place to share ideas and stuff I care about. It’s a way to give others more insight to my work and interact with it and me.

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Satya Nadella

I’ve recently finished reading Satya Nadella’s memoir, Hit Refresh. A leader with inspiring vision who sees and lives empathy, purpose and learning as critical to personal and organisational growth.  I will continue to draw on his thinking and examples in my work on Building Learning Culture.  A colleague who works for LinkedIn Learning (who are owned by Microsoft) proudly showed me his employee version of Nadella’s memoir.  It includes highlights and marginalia in Nadella’s handwriting.  Nadella has given a beautiful gift to the Microsoft workforce both in a physical sense and, far more importantly, in engaging the to creating an organisation they can feel connected to and proud of.

Arun Pradhan’s Approach to a Conference Panel

It’s 3 weeks until the Australian Workplace Learning Conference.  The expansive, forward-thinking Arun Pradhan is hosting a panel on ‘Learning Trends.’  Panels can be a bit boring … but not this one!  He’s making it engaging with audience polling (ranking scale from ‘bullshit’ to ‘bloody transformative’) and a human ‘likert scale.’ (Did his panelists know what they were in for when they agreed to this?  And how did they react to being called ‘opinionated’ – albeit softened with ‘able to argue their point.’). Then he tops it off by working out loud and asking what buzzwords people think should be included in the trends list.  What can I say? I love this guy!

Austin Kleon – Subscribe to His Newsletter

Austin Kleon’s newsletter.  My very favourite newsletter.  The one I read most often.  It’s a weekly collection of what he’s been reading, watching, listening to, doing, writing about.  Kleon is an artist who ‘shows his work’ (also the title of one of his books).  He is an inspiration for me to show my own work more (a work in progress), a source of ideas and creativity, and a  role model who encourages me to lift my own practices.  This newsletter expands my thinking, my practice and my world.

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