My Daily Dispatch page is inspired by two people who have independently written books called ‘Show Your Work’ - Austin Kleon and Jane Bozarth. Kleon suggests that people share something small every day. He calls this a daily dispatch: “Once a day, after you’ve done your day’s work, go back to your documentation and find one little piece of your process that you can share.” I’ve chosen to do this here on my website. It’s a way of collecting, organising and expanding on the flow of my work and learning. It’s a place to share ideas and stuff I care about. It’s a way to give others more insight to my work and interact with it and me.

In a mentoring session with a senior learning professional today I shared the stakeholder engagement map template above (source – Project Management Body of Knowledge – PMBOK).  This is a tool I often use and share with others.  It is one of the simplest stakeholder analysis tools I’ve come across.  This makes it very flexible and easy to use and maintain.  One drawback is that it doesn’t provide guidance on what tactics to use to sustain or shift stakeholder engagement.  Recommend that people inexperienced in stakeholder management supplement it with input from other people or sources to develop appropriate tactics.  However, definitely a tool worth sharing.

How to Use the Stakeholder Engagement Map

1. Identify change to be implemented

2  List all stakeholders with potential impact on change

3.  For each stakeholder – identify their current level of engagement (C)

4.  For each stakeholder – identify the (desired) level of engagement needed for success of change (D)

5.  Prioritise the need to shift or sustain stakeholder engagement based on degree of risk to success of change

6.  Define actions to shift or sustain engagement of prioritised stakeholders

7.  Review and update at regular intervals


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