I co-host the podcast Learning Uncut with Karen MoloneyAmanda Ashby is our producer-extraordinaire.  We published our first episode on 10 July 2018, having started work on the project five months prior.  It’s been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding projects / hobbies I’ve ever tackled.  I get to work alongside two fabulous colleagues doing something we all care about.  I’ve learned a lot from each of them.  Karen is a curious experimenter and very marketing-savvy.  Amanda has got editing down to an art and put together a great work instruction that I managed to follow to edit one episode.  Such finicky work – great to be able to do it as a backup, and increased my appreciation for her contribution to our team even more.  As a bonus they are both simply lovely people.  I enjoy comradeship and friendship with them.  Even though our interactions are mostly in our virtual spaces (primarily Asana, WhatsApp and email), it is no less valuable than if we were sitting next to each other every day.

We were actually all in the one physical place on our birthday – at the Australian Workplace Learning Conference at the convention centre in Sydney.  We managed to hook up for a few minutes to create a short video to celebrate our anniversary and thank guests and listeners alike for their interest and support.  This was only the third time in 18 months we’d been together face to face.

We also indulged ourselves with the story of our podcast as a Learning Uncut anniversary episode.  If you’re curious about why we started the podcast and how we make it happen please get us into your ears using this link or find us on a podcast app.  (We’re not yet on all the apps, but most of the common ones – Karen’s working on expanding our presence.)

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