Building a learning culture – yeah, right! It’s okay for the likes of Microsoft who’ve got heaps of money and a leader who gets it.  Or a funky start-up where everyone’s job is to try new things and get it wrong while they hang out in beanbags.”

“Try being in my position!  I’m constantly nagging people to to do their ‘mandatory’ eLearning.  Everyone complains about not getting enough training.  They don’t have the initiative and skills to learn for themselves.  Even if they did, managers are so focussed on hitting targets that they can’t make time for people to learn.  We’ll cop a battering in the next employee engagement survey.”

“I’d be happy just to have training under control.  Learning culture is such a long way off – just a pipe dream!  Why bother?”

Do these sound familiar? 

Perhaps one of the following feels more like you:

“Our leaders say they want a learning culture.  But their actions don’t.  Sure, we made a bit of progress.  Then pressure rose in the business.  We stalled.  Three steps forward, two steps back.”

“Failure is not an option here.  Mistakes are punished.  People who fight fires rather than fix underlying issues are treated like heroes.   People don’t work well together across departments. Information is with-held.  Managers think posting on your social network is a waste of time.   Internet access is blocked.  There’s no sense of common purpose or trust.”

“Meanwhile, people keep ordering courses.  They see training as a silver bullet to fix all sorts of problems.  A lot of times there aren’t even any skill gaps.  I’m fed up with people defaulting to courses as ‘the answer.’”

“I wish I could regain momentum with learning culture.”

I have heard all of these and my response is always: Don’t give up!

You can build learning culture regardless of where you are now and the challenges you face.  To abandon it or put it off is to postpone innovation.  Don’t deny your organisation and people the opportunity to thrive.

There are always things you can do.  Questions to ask. Conversations to have.  Partnerships to build.  Barriers to reduce.  Behaviours to adopt.  Successes to celebrate.

Are you ready to take action?  To roll your sleeves up and get stuck in?  Then join Nigel Paine (from the UK) and me on the Building Learning Culture program.


Running once only in Australia & New Zealand.

25 places per workshop:

  • Melbourne 6 August 2019
  • Sydney 8 August 2019
  • Auckland 15 August 2019

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