I have a capacity management issue.  I’m not alone in this.  However, it’s gotten worse since I committed to build my business.  I’m seeking to adjust my operating rhythm to ensure I work on ‘the right’ activities efficiently and effectively.  I am well-organised, and have been consciously fine-tuning my productivity/personal effectiveness practices for many years.  This is the next little kaizen improvement.  It seems to be an ongoing quest!

I asked my business coach for suggestions this week.  He recommended designing an ideal week with chunks of time allocated for different activities.  This should include at least four hours of ‘big rocks’ – up to three projects at any time to ‘work on my business.’  He showed me his default calendar set up in a Google calendar.  His team refer to this when scheduling his work.

I’ve designed my first default calendar in Excel with colour-coded chunks for key activity types.  You can view the calendar below and colour-coding in the blog header above.


I expect that applying this calendar will:

– reduce task switching which is a significant productivity drain,

– support a more consistent writing practice,

– improve my physical and mental presence with my daughter at key points in the afternoon and evening,

– reduce the effort of managing my calendar and making decisions about task scheduling,

– reduce my email and communications backlog, and

– make it easier to onboard a Virtual Assistant, while

– ensuring that I stay on track with client projects and mentoring

Of course, this will flex on a daily basis and no day will follow the plan precisely.  At least I will be aware of what is being de-prioritised or I need to ‘make up’ when I deviate from the default calendar.  Perhaps it just the illusion of control that brings me a sense of comfort …

I’ve updated my online calendars in Calendly to align with my default calendar.  Consistently asking people to use these to book meetings with me will make it simpler to follow the default.

I’m going to trial and fine tune it for the next few weeks.

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