It’s your choice – do you want to put your energy and attention into what’s not working with learning in organisations? Or do you want to put it into what is working and what will keep learning professionals and teams relevant and effective?

Whether you believe that L&D is crippled or thriving you will find the evidence to support you point of view. So, if you are interested in thriving join me in my ongoing quest to discover, examine, learn from and amplifying what’s working. I’m not saying to be a Pollyanna. Learn from what hasn’t worked, acknowledge what needs to be improved – but move on and do something positive. Enough with the moaning and doomsaying!

Who’s with me in creating a positive movement in the learning profession?

Here’s some ways of doing this:

1. Connect with, follow and interact with people and groups who are sharing and discussing what’s working.

2. Find and share examples of what’s working, discuss why it’s working. Look for these in your organisation, at meetups and events, articles, webinar, and podcasts (check out Learning Uncut for case studies about real learning solutions).

3.  Find and read industry research reports, especially those that identify what’s working and/or how to improve.  I find the Towards Maturity reports useful.

4. Discuss what needs to be improved, and how this can be done.

5. Show your work – share and discuss what you are learning and working on and how you can improve.  Seek feedback.  Do it with work in progress, when the feedback is going to be most valuable.

What other suggestions do you have?

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