I’m in Hobart for a couple of days.  I was invited to present a masterclass at a Government HR Forum on 26 November.  My thanks to Viv Burgess for recommending me to the organisers, and for providing the opportunity for me to run a workshop today (25 November) with the Workforce Development Network that she convenes.

Today’s workshop was about equipping yourself as a learning professional to adopt contemporary learning approaches.  There were around 25 participants.  I opened the session  by asking the group four reflection questions about learning in their organisation:

1) What’s one thing that’s working well – and why

2) What’s one thing that’s not working as well as you would like – and why

3) What’s one thing you’re excited about

4) What’s one challenge you’re grappling with

I asked everyone to get up on their feet and have 3 short conversations with different people where they shared their responses, with a particular focus on the last two.

The remainder of the session went through three segments – toolset, mindset and skillset.  I used people’s responses to questions 3 and 4 as an anchor point at the end of every segment.  I asked them to identify something from the segment that they could do to:

* help them leverage or execute on what’s working well or they’re excited about

* help them address what’s not working well or the challenge they’re grappling with

My goal with conference presentations, workshops and webinars is to be practical and have people leave the session with something they can act on immediately.  I’ve found this overall session structure guides people to find relevant, actionable insights.


  • Viv Burgess

    As Chair of the Tasmanian State Service Workforce Development Network, it was terrific to have Michelle present to L&D practitioners across the State Service and for her to conduct a Masterclass at the HR Forum. Both sessions were filled with practical insights and challenging us to think differently about learning in the workplace. Michelle provided many practical resources and she was so generous with her time and expertise. I’m positive that mindsets, skillsets and toolkits of our L&D practitioners were challenged and energised by Michelle’s practical sessions.
    Thank you Michelle.


    • Michelle Ockers

      Thank you for the feedback Viv. I really enjoyed my time with you and your colleagues..


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