Earlier this year I ran a Building Learning Culture program with Nigel Paine in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. As it is an ongoing pursuit to build learning culture in an organisation we have set up an alumni group to remain connected and provide an opportunity for mutual support across the group.  While neither Nigel or I live in any of the cities where the program was delivered we both travel often, so we are organising alumni meetups as we travel.  This week we had a meetup in Melbourne, hosted by Jorn Are Lundin at LinkedIn.  We were joined by Margaret Ruwoldt in a lively discussion that covered topics including:

* learning culture

* organisational learning strategy

* aligning learning with business strategy

* marketing the learning function

* building learning team capability

One gem from this conversation was something that I’ve been aware of for some time, but not shared widely.  In 2018 I led the refresh of a capability framework for learning professionals on behalf of the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI).  The result is the LPI Capability Map, a contemporary set of 25 competencies organised in 5 categories. Each competency is defined at four levels of skill from foundational to strategic.


I’ve been working with the Capability Map throughout 2019 to assess and build the capability of learning teams.  For those teams with access to LinkedIn Learning you can find many resources on the platform to assist with building all of the competencies on the Capability Map.  Jorn has made it even easier for you by having resources mapped from the platform to each of the 25 competencies – at every one of the four skill levels.  If you have LinkedIn Learning and are keen to find out more about this mapping I suggest you contact Jorn.

I’d love to see other content providers do a similar mapping, creating a wide set of pre-defined resource options for use in building the capability of learning teams.  If you work for a content provider and are interested in exploring this please contact me.

If you’d like to learn more about building learning team capability and how you can use (amongst other resources and approaches) the Capability Map to help you do this, you may like to register for my upcoming webinar on 10 December – Learning Leaders – Build Your Team to Thrive in 2020.


  • Kathi McMullan

    Michelle, thank you for sharing the LPI Capability Map. It is by far the most strategic map of L&D competencies I have seen published. Appreciate your insights.


    • Michelle Ockers

      You’re welcome Kathi. One of the things I really like in addition being strategic and contemporary is that the LPI makes it freely available for use by everyone.


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