I recently read The Power of Moments by Chip Heath & Dan Heath.  Such a powerful book.  Perhaps it was just a case of it being EXACTLY the right book for me at this point in time.  I suspect it is going to have a significant impact on my work in the coming year.

An obvious application is in mentoring.  One of my services is individual professional development mentoring.  I find this very rewarding and deeply meaningful. The Heath brothers speak directly about the role of the mentor in the section on Moments of Insight.  Two key points in their Whirlwind Review of this section stand out for me:

Mentors can help us stretch further than we thought we could, and in the process they can spark defining moments.

The formula for mentoring that leads to self insight: High standards + assurance + direction + support.

My role is to help people to stretch, and to give them the confidence to do this.  The book is filled with excellent stories including those that illustrate what great mentors do.

I’m preparing to start working with a new mentee today.  I’m upping my game.  They completed all the reflective activities I invited them to do and share with me prior to their session.  I’ve sat quietly, with peaceful music, read through their responses and imagined a range of possibilities for their future.  I’m keen to explore what they really want and why when we speak.  I have a suspicion it’s not what they first told me when we spoke several weeks ago.  I wonder how far I can help them to stretch, and what potential directions we can explore which may not have crossed their mind.


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