Today was a landmark day for Learning Uncut.  It now has a new home and a new look.  As part of transitioning from a joint undertaking to solo podcast production the landing page is now hosted on the website, although episodes are published through the same syndication page on Libsyn.  The logo and colours have been updated to align with website branding.

The header, logo and theme colours on the Libsyn page have been updated.  These changes automatically flowed through to other platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.  The process was straightforward and quick.

One change I hadn’t expected was that  the logo was updated on previously published episodes.  It feels like an important aspect of the podcast history has been lost with this specific change.  I’ve included the old logo as a reminder of  the foundations laid in collaboration with Karen Moloney and Amanda Ashby to produce the first 42 episodes.

Learning Uncut

I also updated the profile on the Learning Uncut Twitter account and made the very first tweet on this account in the 15 months since it was set up.  Karen, Amanda and I each posted about the podcast from our individual Twitter accounts rather than the podcast handle.  This was partly to avoid the inconvenience of switching between Twitter account logins.  It also reflects the tension I sometimes felt (and I can only speak for myself in this) between building my business profile versus the Learning Uncut profile.  Of course, this no longer exists.  I’ll be posting new episodes, sharing old episodes, additional resources from show notes, guest updates and special editions via the Twitter account.  In addition to good quality content to attract followers, I’ll run a campaign in the new year to increase the number of followers from the current 16.  More followers leads to more people getting value from the guest’s stories – the ultimate purpose of the podcast.

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