‘Tis the season for reflection …..

Fuelled by some great insights from conversations and self-observation on my recent trip to Sydney, I’m now completing individual reflection.  I’m going to use several frameworks / tools to do this and see if they provide different insights.  Perhaps they will build upon each other.

Over the past two days I’ve updated my ‘wheel of life.’  I picked this approach up from Michael Heppell via his book How to be Brilliant.  He introduced the tool in a video and provides a free PDF download on his website.  I’ve been using a wheel of life since 2012 to check in periodically with how I’m doing across a range of aspects of my life.  I’ve adapted Heppell’s wheel in several ways:

1) Personalised the categories and elements in each category.  You can see the categories I use in the image above.

2) Defined a rating scale to improve consistency of my self-assessment:

1-3.5     Significant improvement opportunity – must address

4-7        Some room for improvement – work on this

7.5-10  Doing well – keep it up

3) Created a spreadsheet to more easily calculate average rating within categories and compare rating between categories.  This helps me identify what to focus on moving forward.  I can compile my comments in one place and readily select key actions against each category.

At this point here’s what my first cut of my self-assessment and focus areas for January to March 2020:

Personal Reflection

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