Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” or “continuous improvement.”  It has been applied to a wide range of functions in business.  I first came across the idea of applying kaizen as a personal efficiency approach via the Asian Efficiency podcast.  Asian Efficiency has adopted Kaizen as one of their values.

“We believe in the power of small, incremental changes that leverage the compound effect and result in massive action being taken on your goals.

I’ve incorporated Kaizen as part of my daily review using the prompter question “What little thing I did do today to make my life better?”  Sometimes these actions are related to specific goals, while other times they relate to foundations that make life a little easier in some way.

Here’s some recent examples from my daily review spreadsheet:

1.  Updated my Daily Rituals tracker.  Added items on my 2020 goals

2.  Email inbox clean up – went from 6,500 to 500 emails

3.  Simplified podcast filing system and production process

4.  Created template for Capability Challenges call

5.  Started using Text Expander app

6.  Tested different positions for microphone to improve audio quality

7.  Cleaned my office – starting the week with a well-organised work environment

8.  Exchanged broken shears with new ones – to cut palm fronds

9.  Started taking liquid iron to help with iron deficiency

What little improvement could you make today to make you life a little better?

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