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It’s summer Down Under and a lot of people are on an extended holiday break in this part of the world.  I decided to use this as an opportunity to create two special editions of Learning Uncut which vary from the usual format.  I’ve called them ‘What Happened Next.’  In these episodes I catch up with previous podcast guests and ask them ‘What Happened Next ….’  We get an update on how the solution discussed in their original episode has continued to develop and what impact it’s had over the longer term.  We also explore what our guests learned through this work and how it’s influenced their subsequent work.

We have three great guests in this episode – think of it as three mini-episodes:

Denise Meyerson from Episode 4 about re-thinking learning for customer service (1min 35secs)

Nicole White from Episode 2 about using podcasts for learning (18min 50secs)

Emma Weber from Episode 7 about a learning transfer bot (34mins)

Key themes include the sustainability of learning solutions and things that can undermine long-term viability, the value of experimentation and how solutions can evolve over time if you are open to questioning your assumptions, and the power of storytelling for learning.

Episode Highlights

– Denise talks frankly about how an award-winner customer service learning solution slowly wound down when the competitive environment changed “and it’s as if we were never there”

– What you can do to reduce the risk of this happening to your learning solutions

– Denise’s mission to kill the feedback form

– Why Nicole’s favourite people are now young female university students

– The need to see learning as part of a bigger program, not a one-off event

– The power of evaluation and measurement

– How Emma has been astounded by what’s happened with Coach M, the learning transfer chatbot

– The value of experimentation and being open to unexpected directions

What are Your Takeaways?

Can you let me know what’s your biggest takeaway from this episode? Post it on LinkedIn or Twitter with the hashtag #LearningUncut. Let’s keep the conversation going and learning flowing.

I’ll be looking out for your thoughts!

Learning Uncut has a new look and home

You may have missed the news over the New Year break that after a wonderful team collaboration to establish Learning Uncut as one of the leading global podcasts for learning professionals I’m now the solo host.  This is why the podcast has a new look and landing page.  I’ll be bringing you the same great content every fortnight – real stories about real learning solutions from the people who made them happen.  Keep listening on your favourite podcast platform.

You can also follow the podcast on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with episodes and guests, discover additional resources related to episodes and take a peek behind the scenes.


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