The Challenges of Learning Agility

This is part 2 of the What I Learned series, where previous guests give us an update on how the solution discussed in their original episode has continued to develop and what impact it’s had over the longer term.

Arun Pradhan spoke with us back in January 2019 in Episode 18  about continuous learning and the making of the Learn2Learn app.  A number of organisations have now implemented the enterprise version of the app. Additionally Arun has been consulting with other organisations to help them develop learning agility without using Learn2Learn.  Working with organisations in both situations has allowed Arun to draw some conclusions on what does and does not work in regard to developing learning agility.

Episode Highlights

– The benefits of  a campaign approach to building learning agility

– Identifying the context and pain points facing individuals

– Why Arun hasn’t mentioned 70:20:10 to a client for years

– What learning teams are not doing consistently that Arun finds ‘just gobsmacking’

– The need to see learning as part of a bigger program, not a one-off event

– Using small groups to create accountability and context for building individual learning agility

– The need for shared vision to reduce the risk of ‘point sensitivity’ to learning agility initiatives

– The gap between knowing and doing in learning agility – even amongst learning professionals

– Arun’s ongoing use of mental models

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