Preparing your Workforce for the Future

Craig MacDonald is the Executive Manager of learning product at Suncorp, a financial institution.   In Episode 45 of Learning Uncut Craig talks about the Future Ready programme, which aims to prepare people with the capabilities they need and that Suncorp needs for the future. The programme is part of a strategic workforce planning and talent management initiative, as well as being driven by a sense of social responsibility to ensure that their people have skills relevant for the future.

This rich story also covers, amongst other things, moving to a learning strategy with more self-directed continuous learning in the flow of work, curating learning pathways, and changes to the learning team role, structure, mindset and skillset.

Episode Highlights

– drivers of the Future Ready program

– alignment to business strategy through strategic workforce planning

– an organisation’s social responsibility to prepare their people for the future

– the move from a Human Resources function to People Experience

– shifting to a strategy of continuous learning

– reshaping the role, structure and work of the learning team

– partnering with a university and content platform provider to develop the program

– how the program pilot identified the need for redesign to make the program scalable and sustainable

– the three tiers of the program now rolled out

– curating learning pathways

– Craig’s surprising tip for getting started with building Future Ready skills in your workforce

Episode Preview

Full Episode

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