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My guests in Episode 47 are Julian Davis of Queensland Rail and Naomi Waldron from Easy A, who together developed Queensland Rail’s onboarding and compliance refresher program – fittingly called All Aboard.  This program was winner of best onboarding and induction program in the Australian Institute of Training and Development 2019 Excellence Awards.

One of the things that award judges look for is organisational impact.  This program moved onboarding from a cumbersome paper-based three-month long process to a highly engaging digital learning experience that new staff complete on their first day.  With the inclusion of compliance refresher modules, it touches all 7,000 staff and had significant impact in a short period of time.

Naomi also highlights that it’s a really fit for purpose learning solution. Not only did it meet the technical and design requirements of the project, but significant effort went into making it a strong cultural fit with a great learner experience.  The elegance and ease of use of this program are impressive.

Episode Highlights

– How onboarding used to work and why it needed to change

– Key improvements in program outcomes, learning experience and efficiency

– Inspiration for the design concept and the creative process

– How to address the tendency for Subject Matter Experts wanting to include a lot of content

– Naomi poring over train timetables to get the fine details right

– The use of stories to build deepen understanding of what people do across the organisation

– The value of prototyping

– Refreshing the program to keep it relevant, accurate and effective

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