An Integrated Approach to a Complex Global Change

Mars is the third largest distributor of food in the world – both for people and pets.  They employ over 100,000 associates and have in excess of 140 production sites.  In 2018 they started work on a cross-discipline global initiative to streamline systems process and roles for traceability of products and materials across the supply chain at Mars – from farm to fork.

Rachel Horwtiz led 11 separate colleges at Mars University to collaborate on the learning solution.  Not only did she need to unite the learning teams across a federated model, she also needed to guide them and their stakeholders to work in new ways in an agile project environment.

Trish Uhl was engaged to bring her expertise across a range of disciplines including IT business readiness, performance and learning to create an integrated strategy for learning, change management and communications.  She introduced Learning Engineering to this program.  Never heard of Learning Engineering?  I hadn’t either prior to this episode of Learning Uncut.  Listen to the episode and take a look at the resources in the show notes to familiarise yourself and explore the value of this approach.

This is a bumper 1 hour episode – the extra minutes of attention truly are worth it as there is so much to learn from Rachel and Trish.  You may want to listen to this one twice and/or take notes as you go.  As always, there is a downloadable transcript in the show notes.

Episode Highlights

– Why traceability is and why it matters

– Integrating learning with change management and communications on this large-scale initiative

– The importance of going to the Gemba, the actual workplace, to developing an effective change strategy

– Keeping cadence with the technology team in an agile project environment

– The challenge of alignment across a federated learning function working in new ways

– Getting comfortable with ‘disposable learning’

– An introduction to Learning Engineering and the value of it

– The parallel use of human-centred design and data analytics to enable change

– The range of tactics used on this project including video, storytelling, embedded performance support, manager support and a Genius Bar

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Full Episode

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