I’ve decided to ‘hide’ my Daily Dispatch page on my website.  Posts will still have a url and they will still be searchable.  However, it will feel a little more private.  A little safer as a space for me to reflect, learn, play with ideas.  I’ll still be able to share posts with people when relevant or if I feel that they are worth a wider share to a broader group.

It’s obvious if you look through my Daily Dispatches that they are not actually made daily – nowhere near it.  I’ve been wondering what gets in the way of me forming a daily habit. I have a theory to test.  I think that being on a public page with a dedicated tab on the main menu of my website sets the bar too high.  It makes me feel like these short snippets about something I’ve been working on or learning need to be polished to some degree, that raw and half-baked isn’t good enough.

My blog started as a personal project when I was working at Coca-Cola Amatil.  I started it as a project for the Social Learning Practitioner Program that I was undertaking with the wonderful Jane Hart.  My first post was 8 march 2014.  As my website has evolved into a home for my business the working out loud style posts haven’t felt like a fully comfortable fit on the site.  I thought that putting them on a separate page to my more significant blog posts (the ones which are more opinion pieces) would be enough for me to be comfortable to write more informal ‘show your work’ style posts more frequently.

However, they still feel a bit like uncomfortable clutter. Yet I hate the thought losing them and regret all the wonderful learning moments that I haven’t captured.  It would bring me joy to have a home for personal sense-making, to join the dots, and be in a position to share the occasional piece worth sharing.

Not feeling so pressured to polish them, nor obligated to include an image in the header of each, will reduce how long it takes me to do a daily post.  This gives me one less excuse to avoid making a post.

While they won’t be undiscoverable my Daily Dispatches will be a little shaded from casual view.  Let’s see if I feel a little less vulnerable in this shaded spot.  OK – I’m hitting post and then moving the page off the main site menu.

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