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I’m on an ongoing quest to encourage learning professionals around the globe to adopt approaches that will help them have a bigger impact on the people and organisations that they serve. This is one of the reasons I share case studies about real solutions that learning professionals have implemented in their organisation via the regular fortnightly Learning Uncut podcast episodes. Given the growth in listener numbers in the past six months, I’ve decided to add a new style of episode, Professional Development Alerts (PD Alerts), where I spot a high quality development opportunity that can readily be accessed by learning professionals in countries with a high volume of listeners. I will start sharing them via short podcast episodes and articles such as this one.

My first PD Alert is about Perspectives 2020, which is on 13 May 2020. This is a global digital experience running for 24 hours live which follows the sun across four continents. It’s completely free and available to all. I’d like to let you know about the event, why I think it’s a good development opportunity for learning professionals, and to give you a sneak peek at what I’ll be sharing as one of the keynote speakers. Here’s a link to the PD Alert podcast episode if you’d like to  listen.

You can register for free at skillsoft.com/perspectives

Hosted annually by Skillsoft and SumTotal, Perspectives is normally run face-to-face. This isn’t possible in 2020. So this year, Perspectives 2020 is accessible to people across the globe in a digital 24/7 format and the agenda is bigger than ever. The theme of Perspectives 2020 is Unleash Your Greatness. The agenda has been designed to help leaders and learners to upskill and reskill their organisations and themselves for whatever the future holds.

My Keynote – A Sneak Peak

If there’s one thing that 2020 has really shown us, it’s that the unexpected can happen and things can change quickly. Coronavirus and the physical distancing put in place to reduce the spread of the virus are taking a terrible toll and creating hardship across the globe. Learning professionals have risen well to the urgent need to help people adapt to new work circumstances.

By 13 May, when Perspectives 2020 is being held, the dust will have settled on making these immediate adjustments and we will be in the middle of what I’m calling The Great Unfreeze. The world of work has undergone massive changes in the past couple of months. While out of necessity, this has created a window of time where there is greater openness to change and some of the barriers that previously got in the way to adopting new approaches have lowered significantly.

In my opening keynote for Perspectives 2020, I invite learning professionals to spend half an hour exploring how to UNLEASH GREATNESS in yourself and others amidst the current disruption. Drawing on my own experience with a radical professional transformation five years ago, I invite people to let go and stretch in order to unleash greatness in themselves, others and their organisations. The barriers have never been lower to adopt new approaches to learning and innovate in your organisation.

I hope that’s piqued your curiousity!

Perspectives 2020 Agenda – My Favourite Bits

Let me tell you about some of the other things on the agenda that make this a valuable PD opportunity for learning professionals.

Case Studies

Learning Uncut listeners know how much I love a good case study. This is the format for all our regular episodes – a real learning professional telling the story of a real solution that they’ve implemented. There are lots of case studies on the Perspectives 2020 agenda from a wide range of locations, including the APAC and EMEA regions, India and the US. Overs 7 hours of case studies.  Case studies give us real examples of what others have done. They show us what is possible and give us practical ideas for things we can adapt to our context and try. I expect you’ll pick up some ideas for things to try during the Great Unfreeze.


Perspectives 2020 includes world-class keynotes including:

– Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst. Recently Josh has been writing a lot about what he is calling the Big Reset in his blog. He is seeing signs that a new way of thinking about work, life, business and leadership is emerging from the current disruption. I’d love to hear more about the shifts he is seeing.

– Shawn Achor, author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage, who will be talking about how to activate the link between happiness and work success

– Ally Watson, Founder and CEO of Code Like a Girl

– Tara Westover, author of NY Times bestseller Educated

– David Meerman Scott, author of Wall Street Journal bestseller Fanocracy

Panels and Debates

There are panels on business continuity and how people around the world are responding, plus a series of head-to-head debates between two leaders with opposite perspectives on topics such as digital vs. face to face learning, remote vs. onsite workforce and university degrees vs. life experience. It’s helpful to open our thinking to different perspectives – and there will be an opportunity to join the conversation live via text chat.

Free Access to Skillsoft’s Percipio Platform for 60 days

If you are curious about the Skillsoft and SumTotal products there will also be an opportunity to find out about them in product sessions. Special bonus: Skillsoft is making access to their learning platform free for 60 days to everyone who registers for Perspectives 2020.

Special Olympics

A final aspect that caught my attention is that the Special Olympics is featured on the program.   Athletes, professionals, and the CEO from Special Olympics will share their stories as well as talk about how they provide sports, health, education, and leadership programming for 5.5 million people with intellectual disabilities in over 190 countries and territories.

Join me at Perspectives 2020

Join me at Perspectives 2020 for some great fuel for your professional development.

Register free for Perspectives 2020

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