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It’s been several months since our daily lives were radically altered in response to the pandemic.  As restrictions start easing around the world it is clear there will an enduring impact on how we work and live.  I’m working on a new series for Learning Uncut with co-hosts Laura Overton  and Shannon Tipton.  The Emergent series will explore what this means for learning in organisations.  We will be talking about rapidly changing business models, and how L&D can support organisations to adapt.  We seek to identify how learning professionals can emerge from disruption as relevant and effective.  The answer to this question might lie in practices, behaviours, skills, mindsets, tools … or something else.

It would be great to have your input on topics for episodes of Emergent.  Please complete this very quick survey at this link to share your thoughts.

How Westpac is Using Micro-credentials

Tony Dunford from Westpac describes himself as a zealot when it comes to micro-credentials.  Westpac has partnered with two Australian universities, DeakinCo and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), to gain recognition of specific skills for their staff using evidence from their work.  He describes the enthusiasm of the staff who have gained recognition of competency through this process and the range of benefits it brings to the organisation.  We walk through the nuts and bolts of how Westpac has trialled and rolled out micro-credentials – and now plans to scale up their use with Tony aspiring to 15,000 micro-credentials being awarded over the next two years.

Episode Highlights

– How the enterprise-wide curriculum based structure of the Westpac Capability team provides flexibility and consistency across multiple brands

– Micro-credentials as a way to recognise current competency through workplace-based evidence, aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework

– The value proposition of micro-credentials for individuals, and why so many people who have done one want to do more

– The benefits of micro-credentials to the organisation

– How Westpac piloted micro-credentials, starting with the Capability team and now up to 3,000 issued

– The importance of coaching by the Capability team to support people to identify and gather evidence

– The inclusion of a written reflection in the evidence submission

– How to find and partner with a micro-credentialing provider

– Why Tony thinks micro-credentialing is the best way to transfer or embed learning

– Tony’s aspiration to scale up to 15,000 micro-credentials at Westpac within two years

Episode Preview


Full Episode

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