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In this What Happened Next episode Gareth Killeen from Reece updates us on what has happened with human-centred design to transform learning at Reece over the past eight months.  Go back and listen to episode 39 if you’re not familiar with it before listening to episode 58.

This next conversation starts with the leadership program that was rolled out as a result of the design and pilot we previously discussed.  During the COVID period there has been a lot of emphasis on digital strategy.  Much of this has been focussed on content.  The Reece digital learning strategy is different.  It emphasises the delivery of experiences supported by digital tools, with content being just one of those experiences.  The Reece leadership program illustrates this with content being just 25% of the strategy.  Another distinguishing characteristic of the program is that it is completed self-paced in self-driven cohorts.  Hear how the learning team gains insight into people’s engagement and progress with this program using, among other things, their learning digital body language.  Our conversation expands to explore how working in an agile way with a human-centred design approach has led to great learning experiences that are continuously being improved.

Listen to the language that Gareth uses to describe how he and his team approach their work and how they think and feel about the people they serve.  Also take note of the principles that underly their approach.  This language and principles reflect some of the key mindset shifts I believe are necessary for learning professionals to help create high levels of individual and organisational agility – to help enable people and organisations to remain fit for the future.

Episode Highlights

– Reece’s self-paced leadership program where participants form self-driven learning pods to support each other

– How the learning team stays close to learner progress without facilitating the leadership program, including watching ‘learning digital body language’

– The range of ‘expressions’ of how people can deepen their leadership skills – content, group support, practice, reflection, coaching and more.  How the Learning Experience Platform supports all of these expressions.

– “If your content doesn’t cause reflection, doesn’t cause conversation, and doesn’t cause contextualization to happen, then it’s not learning, it’s just content.”

– How COVID has helped to accelerate Reece’s digital learning strategy

– Designing with the lens of user experience and learning transfer, then shaping technology to deliver the best experience.

– How the use of a human-centred agile approach has eliminated the need for major changes after program rollout.

– Helping people see learning as a competitive advantage and a self-driven experience which democratises learning.  Looking forward to the next phase which is leader enablement of development.

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ReThink Learning

One of the topics Gareth and I discuss is how to create effective learning experiences supported by digital tools.

I created Rethink Learning to help learning teams and learning professionals with this challenge.  The barriers to learning innovation are lower than ever.  Now is the time to engage business stakeholders, embed good design practices, work in agile ways and use technology more effectively.

ReThink Learning will accelerate the shift in mindset, skills, practices and tools you need to quickly design and develop effective learning solutions for the virtual environment.  You can apply it to your work immediately to redesign of an existing solution or design a new solution as you learn.

For more information on ReThink Learning check out https://bit.ly/ReThinkLearning.

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