I first heard about the PwC global digital skills uplift at an event seven months ago and have been searching for someone to join me to share this story ever since.  I’m so glad I persisted as this is such a well-designed change initiative.  I’m joined by Luke Warwick who is a digital change consultant leading the implementation of PwC’s Australian digital transformation.  The initiative started in the US and has been picked up and rolled out globally with some regional customisation.  What first piqued my interest was the digital fitness app which provides a self-assessment plus a range of resources related to each element of skills in the app.  PwC has made this app freely available since the start of COVID and I strongly recommend you use it to explore your own digital fitness.  You can download it using the link in the show notes.

The app is a way to get everyone across the organisation engaged with the first level of the digital skills development program, called the Academy.  The next level up, Accelerators, targets 1-3% of employees to develop more advanced digital skills.  Anyone can apply to be an Accelerator and they will remain in their current role, spread right across the organisation and connected through an internal community.  Listen to hear why Luke describes them as the Trojan Horse of digital change in the organisation.

As I spoke with Luke it dawned on me that while we were discussing digital skill development this is also a great example of building a learning culture through an organisational-wide change initiative.

Episode Highlights

– The skills disconnect: a recent PwC report shows that 78% of Australian CEOs say that the availability of key skills is a top threat to growth, yet only 28% of employees said that their employer provides them with upskilling in areas that were relevant to their role. Further 77% of employees say they are ready to upskill.

– Why digital skills uplift was important to PwC, including bridging the ‘authenticity gap’ in driving client engagement with data.

– Using the three pillars of “learn, work and share” for digital skills transmission.

– Digital bravery, vulnerability and the power of ‘known unknowns’

– Use of a digital fitness app to drive awareness of current skill level and engagement with skills uplift.  The four fitness areas – behaviour, mindset, relationships and skills.

– The goal of 80-100% participation in the Digital Academy, with teams completing the program together and using an ideation journal to gather ideas for immediate application.

– Digital Accelerators – targeting 1-3% of employees to build a network of deeply skilled change agents across the organisation.  Providing them with one day for learning and one day for community contribution – every week.

– The PwC digital lab as a micro-innovation marketplace to share and adapt innovations, generating a high productivity impact.

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