I ran a one-hour session called ‘Developing your people while they work’ as part of a leadership program for a client organisation today.  The participant group are team-leader to mid-level manager.  This is the seventh time I’ve run this session.

I always start by asking the participants to reply to the question ‘What are the benefits of developing the people in you team?’ with a word or phrase.  They enter their response on Mentimeter which creates a colourful word cloud.  You can see a sample of their responses in this post.

Take a look at what they’ve written.  They get it. They can readily identify how providing development opportunities helps their people, their team and themselves.   It’s much more effective for them to come up with these response than for me to tell them the answer.  I don’t need to make the case for investing in developing your people.

This doesn’t mean that it’s clear to them how best to develop their people, or that they are able to address all of the challenges that arise.  The biggest perceived barrier is time – both the time of the manager and of their people.  While I haven’t yet figured out how to bend time and create more of it (I’m keeping an eye out for Hermione Granger’s time-turner on eBay), there are ways of reducing this barrier.  I’ll share some in posts later this week after I deliver two more sessions.

Day 3 – November 2021 Daily Dispatch goal

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