Thanks to Daniel Kempa for sharing Learning Uncut on his LinkedIn feed after recently discovering the podcast.  And also to Matthias Wiencke who asked for recommendations on which episodes to listen to in reply to Daniel’s post.  When I asked Matthias what he was most interested in he responded “my main focus is further inspiration on how to strengthen learning culture and how to increase self learning skills and interest more people in self-organized learning.”

Here’s my top 5 recommendations from Learning Uncut on these topics (in no particular order):

WD40: A Learning Obsessed Culture – Garry Ridge

Episode 52

Many listeners will have a can of WD-40 somewhere in their home, garage or workplace.  A familiar product from an extraordinary organisation, which was described in a Harvard Business Review article as having a ‘learning-obsessed culture.’

Garry Ridge has worked with WD-40 for 33 years and been the CEO since 1997.  He remains excited about his role and about the organisation, which has flourished under his leadership.  Employee engagement is at an enviable 93%.  When you listen to Garry share his views and practices in regard to leadership, personal learning and organisational learning the high engagement level makes perfect sense.  Listen to discover what a learning-obsessed culture looks like and gain inspiration and ideas to build learning culture in your organisation.

Emergent Series:  Working Out Loud – John Stepper and Katharina Krentz

Episode link

This episode is part of the Learning Uncut Emergent series where we talk about rapidly changing business models, and how Learning and Development can support organisations to adapt.  Exploring how learning professionals can emerge from disruption as relevant and effective.

The pandemic has highlighted our interconnection as humans everywhere.  Yet work does not always feel like an experience that promotes connection and belonging.  Working Out Loud (WOL) has the potential to address that while building critical skills for the digital, networked era.  John Stepper describes Working Out Loud as a practice where you interact with other people related to a goal that you care about, building your network and developing a sense of relatedness with other people in a purposeful way.  In this episode we explore WOL, with Katharina Krentz sharing how it has spread at Bosch and the transformative impact it is having.

Making Learning Human – Kristina Tsiriotakis

Episode 56

Deciem is also known as The Abnormal Beauty Company – and there is definitely something both abnormal and beautiful about the way learning happens at Deciem.  Kristina Tsiriotakis joined Deciem in 2019, six years after it was founded.  She discusses how she has crafted a learning strategy that aligns with the organisational culture and embracing the whole person who turns up to work everyday.  They’ve reimagined content, campaigns and community, leveraging a learning experience platform as the ‘water hole’ around which people gather.

Developing Continuous Learning – Arun Pradhan

This is a two-part recommendation.  The original conversation with Arun is episode 18 published in January 2019.  I had a follow up conversation with him a year later in episode 44 to find out how his work on continuous learning in organisations had developed.

Episode 18 – Developing Continuous Learning – The Making of the Learn2Learn App

Episode 44 – What Happened Next

Arun Pradhan discusses what’s happened with the Learn2Learn app and his work on organisational learning agility since he spoke with us in Episode 18 (published January 2019).  Arun’s experience in 2019 is that a campaign approach is critical to building learning ability, regardless of the technology used.  This approach has to be based on connecting with what people care about and focus on – which is doing their job better.  Arun is an in-demand speaker at Australian learning conferences.  Several of our Learning Uncut guests have nominated him as one of favourite ‘learning resources’ – you’re bound to gain insights whenever you listen to Arun, as this conversation illustrates.

Sparking Learning Enablement – Liv Wilson and Kerry Peguero

Episode 30

Over the past two years Spark NZ has embarked on an ambitious transformation of learning in order to build a ‘culture of performance.’ Their goal has been to ‘democratise knowledge’ and create a self-sustaining performance ecosystem.

We spoke with Kerry Peguero and Liv Wilson from the Learning Enablement Team about their innovative approach. Over two Learning Uncut episodes we discuss four core integrated elements. Here in Part 1 we cover user-generated content and the use of an ‘orienteering’ approach to induction that builds curiosity, resourcefulness and self-directed learning behaviours

Bonus Resource: Learning Culture Primer

In 2019 I ran a Building Learning Culture program with Nigel Paine.  We’ve continued to work both independently and together with organisations on building learning culture.

We’ve gathered a range of articles we’ve published about learning in a Learning Culture primer ebook which you can download here.








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