If you are interested in performance support and learning in the flow of work this is a must listen episode of Learning Uncut.  Sebastian Tindall, the Head of Learning and Development at Vitality, joins me to discuss their resource-led approach to learning and performance.  Vitality is a UK based health insurance provider whose business model incentivises their customers to take an active role in managing their wellness.  This model results in a large volume of product change, and the demand on the Learning and Development team has gone from having to support 14 projects a year in 2017 to 83 projects in 2020.

Two and a half years ago Sebastian and his team realised that there had to be a better way than classroom training to enable their 1,000 frontline workers to perform in this dynamic environment.  However, there was no ready-made framework that they could pick up and use.  Instead, they created a custom framework for workflow learning.  Sebastian describes their 4Ps approach – Prepare, Practice, Perform and Perfect.  He tells the story of how they created the approach and what they learned along the way.  A resource-led approach has enabled them to achieve a learning project turnaround time of less than 7 working days, decrease training minutes required by 17% and increase all evaluation metrics.

After we ended the recording Sebastian shared with me that he is seeking to connect with others that are further along the path of implementing a performance support approach than Vitality.  If you have a mature approach please reach out to Sebastian using his LinkedIn profile.

Episode Highlights

– The Vitality ‘shared value’ business model and implications for Learning and Development.

– Why and how the L&D team has grown from 3 people to 16 in just four years.

– How a resource-led approach and the use of rapid task analysis have enabled them to reduce solution development lead-time to less than seven days, accommodate a six-fold increase in project volume in three years, reduce training time and hit evaluation metrics.

– The four step delivery model that Sebastian and his team created: Prepare, Practice, Perform and Perfect. Prepare people by providing context.  Practice using scenarios.  Monitoring what happens when people Perform tasks in the workplace.  The Perfect stage as a placeholder to address any improvements identified through evaluation.

– Treating eLearning as a disposable asset: “it quickly becomes useless.”  Putting strict time limits on eLearning development with an emphasis on utility rather than aesthetics. Redirecting effort to well-design resources which will be used for longer than eLearning.

– How they figure out where to put a resource so that it is readily accessible in the flow of work.  Using analytics from SharePoint to understand what people are searching for and adjusting resources to suit this.

– The value of having people from operational roles join the Learning and Development team.

– How the team is adding value through change heat maps and analysis of the complexity of new operational processes.

Episode Preview

Full Episode

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Sebastian was one of our fabulous guests in the Emergent series of Learning Uncut, which explored how learning professionals can emerge stronger and more relevant from the pandemic.  In mid-February 2021 you have the opportunity to join the Emergent co-hosts and some of our guests in a series of practical workshops called the Emerging Stronger Masterclasses.*  We will work together to identify practical actions you can take as a learning professional to address business challenges.  If this sounds useful to you go to the Emerging Stronger landing page at this link for more information and to express your interest.

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