I scrolled through my podcast subscriptions last week looking for something I hadn’t listened to for a while.  I settled on the Happier podcast from Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft: episode 304 – We reveal how we did with our 20 for 2021 lists.  I liked that the light-hearted way they used these lists to set goals.  Their lists were varied and included a mix of specific and broad goals.  They also struck a fair balance between holding themselves accountable to do what they said they would and not beating themselves up if they didn’t get to something.

This sounded like fun to me, so I took up their suggestion to create a 21 for 2021 list.  As I updated my vision board I brainstormed a list of activities against each of the five categories on my board:

– Wellbeing

– Vision & habits

– Friends & family

– Wealth

– Business

From there I simply picked the 21 that most appealed to me.  The final list is on the second page of my vision board in the image below.

2021 Goals and habits


I’m excited by my list.  There is a mix of taking better care of myself, cultivating new interests, stretching myself … and one which is downright frightening.  Let’s see if anyone can guess which one this is.

I made no attempt to spread the list evenly across the five categories.  Reviewing the list as I prepare this dispatch I notice that none of them relates specifically to Wealth.  This doesn’t concern me as I have also defined three recurring habits against each category, which I call my ‘Three to Thrive.’  You can see these listed on the right hand side of the page above, next to the pictures that represent each category.  Consistently performed, these high leverage actions will keep me on track to live up to my aspirations on my vision board.

Describe my personal vision




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