Welcome to 2021.  As we move from one year to the next and take a take a break from work for the festive season it’s a natural point to reflect on the year that has passed and set goals for the year ahead.  The first two Learning Uncut episodes for the year reflect this with a focus on professional development.  I’m talking with a series of guests to talk about approaches that have been very powerful for my own development and career direction in recent years and I think it’s worth sharing them with you.

2014 was a significant turning point in my career.  It was the year that I learned how to build a network online.  It accelerated my learning, allowed me to improve and innovate in my work and created new opportunities beyond anything I could have imagined for myself.  This shift started when I enrolled in an online program about social learning being run by my first guest, Jane Hart.  We explore modern workplace learning in our conversation, and Jane discusses how she continually evolves her programs to keep them relevant and practical.

While I was applying the skills from Jane’s program participating in a Twitter chat I came across John Stepper talking about something he was creating called Working Out Loud Circles.  The ethos of generosity, contribution and growth mindset provided a very different perspective to my experience of networking up to that point.  I immediately set up a circle and it radically transformed how I build relationships in my network.  John has previously been a guest on the podcast discussing Working Out Loud.  In this episode, I’m joined by Nicole Lam, a learning professional.  She discusses her experiences as a participant in a number of Circles and the benefits she’s gained from Working Out Loud.

My final guest is Harold Jarche.  We discuss the Personal Knowledge Mastery (or PKM) approach that he created.  I did Harold’s PKM program in late 2014.  For me PKM is a collection of skills and practices that help me to find, filter, make sense of and use what I need from the sea of information available online, through others and from my own experiences.  It helps me to find what I need when I need it, to learn more effectively from my experiences and to generally stay abreast of my field.

Enjoy this episode and be sure to listen to Episode 70 for more great professional development approaches.

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