I’ve journaled a lot more over the past year.  While I’ve kept a journal since I was 13 it’s now become a daily habit.  I started with a new mentor last year to support me with the mindset and emotional management.  She encouraged me to journal in a range of ways.  Sometimes I journal in the moment to work through an issue or emotion that’s blocking me.  That’s a useful in the moment tool to get me back into flow when needed.

What most creates flow and sustains it for me is my daily morning pages.  Three had-written pages in an A5 journal. Done very soon after I wake, with a cup of tea by my side.  Mostly I write whatever comes to mind, capturing my thoughts, reflecting on projects, getting out of my head and onto paper whatever is bouncing around.  Sometimes I use a prompt (one from this week was Behind and Ahead).  Occasionally I write a letter to someone or something (Dear Loneliness).  These letters are not for sending, they are for processing.  So I write back to myself in my journal.

Journalling keeps me grounded.  It helps me to see things more clearly, improves my perspective and decision making, allows me to identify flaws in my thinking and explore alternatives.

This year I’ve added a formatted Gratitude Journal to my daily routine.  I make a morning and evening entry answering using a standard list of prompts.  This is rounded out with a weekly reflection.  Practicing gratitude has a wide range of benefits.  The biggest one for me is that it helps keep me in an abundance mindset, increasing creativity, flow and productivity.

The journal I’m using is from Collective Hub.  It’s beautifully produced – lovely creamy paper, nice font, durable fabric hard cover.

I’ve long advocated reflection as a keystone habit for learning – journalling is a great tool for this.  I’m feeling inspired to produce something similar for learning reflection and trial it with a small group.

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