An activity in Harold Jarche’s Personal Knowledge Mastery Workshop invites participants to try a new sense-making tool.

I’m opting out of trying a new tool. Instead I’m focussing on using the key tools in my PKM toolkit better.  These are primarily Twitter (supplemented by LinkedIn), Pocket, Feedly and WordPress.  If I can improve how I use Feedly I may be able to replace Pocket.

Another significant sense-making ‘tool’ for me is conversations . I have a lot of conversations – in addition to my fortnightly Learning Uncut podcast conversations I have 1-2 other conversations with people in my network each week. I also try to have a conversation once a month with someone I haven’t spoken with before.

I generally have a collaborative project underway at any point in time. Right now I’m working on creation of the Emerging Stronger Masterclass series for L&D leaders in conjunction with Laura Overton in the UK and Shannon Tipton in the US  (I’m in Australia). This is off the back of  the Learning Uncut Emergent podcast series we did in 2020 where there was so much valuable insight and advice shared by our 32 guests that we felt it important to continue with a joint sense-making process (we didn’t call it that, but that’s what it is). The most recent example of this is a webinar we ran in the past week about called Carpe Diem L&D! – about how L&D can spot and seize business opportunities.

It almost feels like I’m doing too much sense-making, or doing it too quickly or too noisily for ME to get the most value out of it and see it clearly. The piece that feels like it’s missing is writing – either privately or blogging. The act of writing helps me to pull my thoughts together. It is more challenging, difficult and time-consuming for me to do than speaking (either in conversation or via webinars / conference sessions etc). However, in the quiet space of writing, in the time of deeper thinking, I feel like there is the potential to really pull my sense-making together.

Creating fresh models and frameworks is something that I also think would help me to clarify and build upon my sense-making. (I’m a little envious of Harold’s blogging and frameworks – an amazing body of work, and evolution of thinking over the years – thanks for the role modelling.  Check out Harold’s blog to see what I’m talking about.)

Note to self – Baby steps!

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