Baby steps.  I often give people this advice when they speak with me about building personal learning practices.

I also hear people express fear or anxiety about posting on social media or starting a blog.  I tell them that it’s safe to just started as not many people will be watching or reading anyway.

Of course, I face the same challenges that others do.  I still fret about whether what I’m sharing will be valuable for anyone.  I worry about being seen as adding too much noise to an already crowded online world.  I struggle to create a regular practice, to find time in what is often an overwhelming schedule, to narrate my work.

It takes time to narrate my work.  And focus and mental energy to do it well.  These are all valuable resources that I need to allocate judiciously.

One of the reasons I’m currently doing Harold Jarche’s excellent Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM) workshop again is to re-establish my PKM routine.  Narrating my work is one of the highest value components of this routine.  This important sense-making activity helps me to reflect on what I am doing, to identify what I’m learning, to extract insights and to set intentions.

Current workshop activity:

For 2 consecutive days (longer if you wish), write down a paragraph (max 100 words per day) describing what you are doing, what you are going to do, what you have done, and any problems you are encountering. Feel free to mix personal and professional aspects of your day.

Keeping it to a small chunk (just 100 words) makes the task more manageable.  Not setting my ambitions too high.  Keeping it simple.  These could well be the keys for me to re-establish narrating my work as a regular habit – preferably daily.  Of course, it doesn’t need to be publicly on a blog.  For me, it feels right to use my Daily Dispatch page on my website for this purpose.  It feels like it has integrity given that I advocate working out loud as an important way of participating in networks.

I’m backing off on perfection with the goal of being more prolific instead.  One way I’m doing this is to not add an image to my daily dispatch posts.  It can take as long to find or create an image as to get my thoughts down in words.

Time to stop writing – I’m almost at 400 words, well beyond the assignment length 🙂

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