I’ve been using my Collective Hub Gratitude journal for six weeks.  I’m still finding it a valuable way to start my day with positive intention and end with reflection and gratitude.  However, my responses to some of the morning questions have been repetitive.  There are four questions where my responses overlap, and end up being similar.  I’ve also noticed one important element that is missing in both the morning and evening reflection.  It’s ‘contribution.’  I suspect that this has come to the fore because I’m three weeks in to a Working Out Loud Circle, so conscious of looking for opportunities to make contributions to others.

I’ve clarified how I will respond to three of the morning questions:

Today’s mantra – A mantra is a statement or slogan that is repeated often, typically in meditation or prayer.  I shall respond to this after I’ve completed all other slots.  It will be a short statement that will support me to achieve my intentions and priorities for the day.

I am mindful of – my response will be about personal growth or an interpersonal skill

Today’s vision – I shall pick one specific aspect of my personal vision statement to focus on living up to in that day.


Finally, I’ve replaced two questions with new ones that relate to contribution as shown on the amended pages above:

Morning – instead of ‘Today’s focus‘ (which is covered by other questions, especially ‘Today’s top 3 priorities’ I’m responding to ‘Today’s contribution.’ This will be a specific contribution I intend to make to a specific person.  For example, today it was to leave a comment on a blog post that the author had shared with me.

Evening – I’ve replaced ‘I showed strength when’  with ‘I contributed by.’

Making contributions to others deepens our relationships. Contributions fuel value creation and serendipity in networks.  I’m currently working on shifting the balance between posting my own ideas, thoughts and content to engaging with others on what they are sharing.  The journal question adjustments will support me to be more conscious of such contributions.

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