One of my goals for the podcast in 2021 was to bring you a story from every continent.  I had a listener ask me ‘even Antarctica?’  It turns out I knew a person who had some interesting leadership development work in Antarctica.

In 2016 Nigel Paine was invited by explorer Robert Swan of the 2041 Foundation to join an expedition to Antarctica with 40 people from around the world. The purpose of the expedition was to sensitize them to issues of environment and climate change.  Nigel’s role was to provide leadership development for the group.  The environment provided dislocation, disconnection and discomfort – a context in which Nigel had to rethink his approach to leadership development.  While it’s clearly impractical for most organisations to take people to Antarctica you can apply the elements of what Nigel learned to make leadership development more effective.

In 2019 I collaborated with Nigel Paine on a Building Learning Culture program.  I saw how much he emphasised the facilitation process and drawing upon the experience and insight of the participants over content.  After this Learning Uncut conversation with Nigel I can see how his experience in Antarctica has shaped his approach.  I trust that if you also facilitate any type of learning program you will look at your approach a little differently after listening to this episode.

Episode Highlights

– Nigel’s role facilitating leadership development on an expedition to Antarctica

– Dislocation, disconnection and discomfort as basis for discovery in leadership development

– The role of journaling for reflection

– Why experiences are more powerful than content for leadership development

– How greater impact could be created from the $45+ billion worth of effort invested in leadership development around the globe annually

– Creating never-ending leadership development

– Leadership in the COVID era

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